Purple Mud

I put myself in “GIMP school” to learn how to use GIMP software.  Basically, I’m just hitting websites with tutorials and watching YouTube how-to videos.  And playing… the best way to learn anything is to just play with it, try this and that and see what happens.

Today, I was playing with brushes.  I am so amazed that there are specialty brushes that lay down swirls and leaf shapes, hearts and clouds and all sorts of things.  I did not erase, crop, or delete… just kept laying down more.  When I needed a “clean slate” to keep going, I just colored it all in with whatever brush I was using last and picked a new color to keep going.

Here’s the results — after so much build up of colors, it was looking a little muddy.


I feel like I should do some kind of attribute to the persons who created the special brushes, kudos to them whoever they are!  This is like so cool.  And it is so much fun.