Laundro, 5x7

Laundro, 5×7

Laundry Day Drawing

Chopped drawing takes a spin,
A heavy hand with a dark line.
Who is afraid of color?
Push the mood to match the mind.

It is only paper,
Sweet blessed cotton,
So what if it comes out sad,
If artistic skills are rotten?

It is just paper,
Disposable, biodegradable rag,
Scratched in stubby pencil
By the hands of this old hag.



2 thoughts on “Laundro

  1. don’t put yourself down so much Nancy…”artistic skills rotten”?…rubbish, your art is skillful and fresh and it works, always. “this old hag”? ah, such sadness in these words…look closer at your beauty…can’t you see it? Your poetry is as wonderful as your drawings and writings…shine on…

  2. Ah, I didn’t realize it read that way, John… no self degradation intended. I wasn’t happy with this drawing, walked away several times returning on different days, felt timid with the pencils, like a student unsure of her work until I was in a grumpy mood and took it with me to the laundry. While the clothes washed, I told myself the same thing I’ve told my soon to be great-grandson (he’s 8 years old, half afraid of screwing up every line) – it’s just paper, do it… and going bold with darker colors worked. The hag thing is a bit of tongue in cheek humor for the witches, my dear sister-friends Lady Feri and Jai the Druid, who always read but never comment on WordPress. So please no worries… and I thank you for your kind words.


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