Jan Res 2014

It is the 20th of January and I’ve yet to make any New Year Resolutions. One month is about all I can handle right now. Instead of resolving to do anything for an entire year, I’m willing to commit for one month and take it from there. Yes, monthly resolutions does seem like a better way to go.

For January, my resolution is to stop letting things slide. I had to be assertive and firm in a little money matter between me and a local LLC corporation to get my due, which does not come naturally to me. On an attorney’s advice, I mailed one well worded letter and the matter was quickly resolved.

It is about time I scrubbed all that invisible ink off my forehead. Sometimes I feel like people take one look at me and automatically see “NICE” stamped up there. Unfortunately, some people think “nice” is spelled “gullible” and try to take advantage of me. Truth be told, I am a sad soul for a sob story, the first to call when someone needs something and the last on their list when they settle up, if they settle up at all. I have loaned money, paid for other people’s emergency car repairs, sold things on time, and walked away from what is rightfully mine. And it is not just dealing with people that I knew as friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. I have been burnt on custom leather work and store consignment deals, never seeing one dime nor my items ever again.

So my January Resolution is to simply stop… no more loans, no more favors, no pay later deals, and no more worms… nothing new to let slide. I am setting boundaries and limiting opportunities. If anyone wants to walk on me, they will have to knock me down first. And when need be, as I had to do this month, I will stand up for myself.

Well, that is the story behind this drawing. I had to deal with a Two Faced Woman. For lack of a better photo, I will post it again… only this time is a scanned imagine instead of a cell phone snap. I’m still not thrilled with my current scan options, washes it out a bit.

Scanned image of Two Faced Woman

Scanned image of Two Faced Woman


3 thoughts on “Jan Res 2014

  1. Love the colors of this one, even if they are showing up faded.

    The last resolution I made was years ago when I decided to resolve not to make any more damnable year-long resolutions that I never tackle! I like your idea of taking things one month at a time – makes it all much more manageable, doesn’t it?

    I’m a sucker for helping people, too…it’s good to help but not when it comes at our own expense. I just saw a FB meme that fits this – “No is a complete sentence. It does not require explanation or justification.” Don’t know about you, but I’m tempted to print that out and post it all over the place to remind myself.

    • I like that meme. I’ve learned to say “I’m not doing that” or a flat out no with an “I don’t want to” when pressed for an excuse with some people, but it is those most close to me (my adult child in particular) that knows exactly which heart strings to tap. That’s where the “no worms” comes in… we’ve been having a conversation for darn near ten years now about how baby birds are supposed to grow up and fetch their own worms, not rely on mama forever.

      • I still choke on the word “no” more often than I’d like to but I’m working on it. When it comes to family “Nos” I lose it usually. I am the peacekeeper, dammit…don’t make me be the naysayer when I just want everyone quiet and happy. My youngest almost-adult daughter is the one person that can really play me like a cheap guitar every single time. I’ve been practicing more no’s with her but wow is it hard to break the habit/pattern or whatever it is.


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