Eight Days, Not Weeks

Texting with a friend about the commercialization of the Holiday Season, I said something about it’s supposed to be 8 days of Christmas, not 8 weeks.

He corrected me:  “Hanukah as 8, Christmas has 12.”

Oh.  Eight or twelve, toe-may-toe, toe-matt-o (spelling out two pronunciations of tomato), the  store shelves start loading up with the Christmas crap around about Halloween in anticipation for the shopping frenzy that swings into full gear on Black Friday.  We are bombarded with “buy this, buy that” for weeks on end.  It is ridiculous!   So, I decided to loosely limit myself to eight days this year, considering that I had already done a little decorating and I’m not going to be a Scrooge and avoid Christmas parades and other activities, just loosely limit my holiday prep until after the 18th.

Oh my gosh… I am NOT doing that again!

If I could do ALL of my Christmas shopping by walking from store to store here in downtown Youngstown just like in an old black and white movie, I would much more enjoy the experience.  As far as fantasy goes, I may as well throw in just enough snow flakes to make it pretty without making the sidewalks too slippery and have costumed Carolers singing on street corners.   Downtown Youngstown needs more small shops, places that sell toys and trinkets and candles, hobby supplies, and all sorts of things. The jewelry store in the 20 Federal has some gift items and Youngstown Nation has Youngstown themed T-shirts and such, but I cannot find everything I want right here.  Perhaps in time, as it takes years to revitalize a city.

What I am NOT doing again is shopping around the holidays in Boardman.   Stores are packed with people and the traffic is crazy.  Even taking the WRTA bus was a bit nuts.

Next year, I’m doing most of my shopping in July.

Not exactly a Christmas Tree

Not exactly a Christmas Tree