Mini Batch of Buckeyes


Mini Batch of Buckeyes

This mini batch recipe for Buckeyes only makes about 16 pieces.  Yes, I am experimenting with cutting down recipes again.  Buckeyes are an Ohio favorite.   They are balls of peanut butter candy dipped in chocolate with a spot left to make them look like nuts from our state tree, the Buckeye.   At least that is what they are supposed to look like… mine don’t always turn out looking so nice.    The recipe version I cut down is one that has a lower butter to peanut butter ratio (one stick to a full jar) so if you prefer your Buckeyes to have a higher butter content, adjust and tweak to your own tastes.   You can use crunchy or smooth peanut butter, substitute dipping chocolate or melt down candy bars instead of chocolate chips, and make the balls any size you want.  Okay, here’s the recipe.


1 tbsp. soft butter

1/4 c. peanut butter

1/3 c. confectionary sugar

1/3 c.  chocolate chips

Stir butter and peanut butter together.  Work in enough confectionary sugar to make a very stiff, yet smooth dough.  (I started with 1/4th cup and added a little more, so a third cup is an estimate.)   Roll into balls and chill for about an hour.   Melt chocolate chips.  (I used a small custard cup size bowl set into a pan of hot water to melt mine as I do not use a microwave.  There will be leftover chocolate as melting a little extra makes it easier to dip the last few.)   Dip each ball, rolling around to coat all but an “eye” spot, and set candy on waxed paper to harden.   I pop ’em back in the fridge as I like mine cold.


I woke up to a text this morning from Lady Jai: “they’re supposed to be buckeyes, not marbles” so if you make them the size of real buckeyes, you might only get six.  Mine are diet size.

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