Two tickets


Score!  Two tickets to First Night Youngstown for the price of one.   It was a “two for $10” sale in the lobby of 20 Federal today during the Christmas Festival.    I asked, “How much for one?”  $10.  Oh.  One for ten or two for ten, guess I’ll take two.  Now I have an extra ticket in case I want to ask someone to go with me.  Oh.  I might have to think about who to ask as asking someone out for New Year’s Eve is kind of like saying, “I want you to kiss me at midnight.”   That’s not such a bad thing, but it kind of falls under the category of “be careful what you wish for”  so I don’t want to just give it to anyone.  Maybe I will wait to see if First Night ever comes up in conversations, play it by ear.

I took lots of parade photos with my trusty but now so obsolete a pawn shop won’t even take it Konica Minolta Maxxum D7 but I cannot share them because the pictures are stuck in the camera until I find (or buy a replacement) USB cord.   I used to just pop the memory card out and stick it into the slot on the computer, but my new pc only has slots for smaller cards.   The photo here was snapped back at home by cell phone.

Curious.  How do you eat chestnuts?

They make great pocket warmers.  There was a guy uptown roasting chestnuts over an open fire.  He said to just peel it and eat it.  It’s hard and tastes a little like coconut.   Is it okay to grate it over something?


4 thoughts on “Two tickets

  1. You could always ask someone and add “but don’t expect ME to kiss you at midnight!” Hahaha. The chestnut should be soft, similar to a walnut or pine nut texture; the guy was right, you do just peel and eat. I love roasted chestnuts and could eat them until I get nauseous, Lol. We always have them ready to bbq on New Year’s Eve, a tradition we started when our kids were little. They loved to see who could eat theirs first – straight off the grill!

  2. Hummm… perhaps I should try chestnuts again someday as maybe I got a bad one, darn near impossible to peel and very hard inside. I’m not opposed to a midnight kiss, but ye gads yes… I have some friends that are best not to cross that line.


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