Ye Time

My ducks are nearly aligned.  I am moving soon.  My new home will be on the 4th floor of a highrise building located “in the heart of downtown” Youngstown.  Yes, right smack downtown.

I haven’t seen the actual apartment yet.  That may seem odd to rent somewhere without looking at it first, but I applied to live in the building, not a particular unit.  Yes, I researched the building online, found photos, assumed all units are simular, and asked a lot of questions.  My two main concerns are accessibility and bugs, as in:  no steps, a toilet easy to get on and off of, an accessible shower so I don’t have to wash in a sink, and no roaches or bedbugs.  Everything else is cosmetic.  

I will see it Friday, when I go to sign the lease.

I find myself feeling anticipation and something intangible creeping in… an openness to allowing myself to be more open to new possibilities.  Okay, so I am not there yet.  Anyway, this move is for me. 


And… those are my old keys, lol.  I didn’t want to post another blog with no photos.

Oh… my days of blogging by cell phone and carrying a half writ novel around on a flash drive are ye over.  I traded in the snazzy dazzy R2D2 combo washer/dryer machine on a HP all in one.  Later on, I might, just maybe get an ISP again.  I’ve been off the grid awhile, but I will have to go online to buy MS Office as I cannot have a PC without Word.


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