Cog Engaged

Yes, the cog engaged and it will take a bit of oil to get going, elbow grease that is… but the wheel will turn.

I pretty packed my beading supplies, organized into decorative hat boxes.  I’m not going to tape them shut yet.  Even if I don’t move, having things rarely used neatly stored away is a good thing.  Ye gads, I’m quoting Martha?  Sewing supplies are next on my list.

I really want that space… once the seed planted, the idea took root.  If it is to be, it will be… if not there, then somewhere else. 

Art for today? 

Let’s see what’s in my phone… awe… a self portrait in colored pencil expressing how I feel here?  Half hidden, half trapped, yes… the time to exit is drawing near. 


I look around this place and it is going downhill.  Garbage piled by someone’s back door (told he’s saving cans) in view of my porch and the street, along with broken down lawn furniture – none of it mine – littering what should be MY yard space.  I have my flower beds, that’s it.  Weeds almost as tall as my sunflowers grow in patches by the fence and overgrown grass around the firepit, both the result of lawn care service laziness, compliment the baby maple trees growing in the rain gutters.  Boarded up window across the way, boards hanging off falling apart tilt out windows on other apartments, as ghetto as that gets, it is still better than next door.  The tenant on the other side of me took his air conditioner when he moved out, never put the window back in so now it is just a hole in the wall, easy access for anyone to crawl in.  Management changed the door lock, but left that window as is… I am waiting to see how long it takes, counting down from August 1st.  Every day that passes cements the desire to move.  Anyone or anything could crawl in there, do whatever.  I am not so much worried about humans as the critters… cats, rats, vermin.

Thankfully, the stove is electric because thieves just blew up a vacant house in Youngstown stealing a gas stove.  Utilities must still be on in there as I’ve seen lights on.  If I hear noise over there, I will call the law.
It is the little things I don’t like…  if the owners of this place don’t care about keeping it up, I won’t stay long.  I am off lease now, free to go.  So, even if that space I want doesn’t pan out, I will be looking for another place to call home.



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