Hum Baah!

I lost Wednesday.  I woke up yesterday thinking it was Wednesday and then one of those calendar appointment alerts popped up on my cell phone.  I was like whoa, that’s not today, that’s tomorrow but sure enough, yesterday was indeed Thursday.  So what happened to Wednesday?  It washed right out of the week! Heavy rain and intermiitten thunderstorms between occassional drizzle.

My plea for return of our local “Weather Channel” merely generated an email reply stating yada yada cancelled after much consideration crap.  We now get “Bounce” out of Pittsburgh which seems to be an oldie reruns spinoff of BET thus fullfilling perhaps a demographic need to make “black” entertainment as equally as “white” entertainment.  Having twice married a man who insisted that I put down my paint brushes long enough to do absolutely nothing but veg out on a couch for endless hours watching reruns of The Waltons until I was ready to bid John-boy and my husband a permanent good night, I’m so not into oldies of any genre.  Except movies.  Oh yes, always an exception. 


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