Copper Elements

Drats! Another post lost in cyberspace.

Oh well… my mind is on my next project, which will include copper elements: the number “15” and my signature symbol.

More later.

This photo was snapped before buffing the 5 into a satin finish with a green scratchie.

2 thoughts on “Copper Elements

    • Its a flat, ye 1/4″ thick polyamide fiber scouring pad sold as an alternative to steel wool, sometimes attached to one side of a kitchen sponge. Used to scrub pots & pans. Also used in factories. Usually green when sold as sheets, which can be cut with scissors. Suppose “green scratchie” is a local nickname, lol.

      They will scratch soft metals, so rubbing a dry scratchie repeated over copper will clean off discolorations, dirt, etc., polishing it up with a matte finish, thousands of uniform tiny scratches dulling the shine.


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