Testing 1-2-3… okay, this is my first repost from one blog to another (both mine) and I don’t have a clue as to what will happen. With any luck, the scanned image of “Tressed” will show up.

I choose Tressed as the first real post on the new blog (all art & handmade things – NO rambles, lol) and wanted to try this repost thing so you can see the difference in the image, scanned into computer first vs. snapped by cell phone.

I am NOT abandoning this blog… yes, I will still post art and everything else here. The new blog is for people who want to see the art but hate to read about my issues.

Please note:
The scanner image shows more detail but one of the colors is off.

I scanned high res slow, millions of colors, then crop & drop before uploading. I do NOT tweek the colors, even if slightly off, because it is impossible to “fix” one color without messing up the rest. Most pencil colors scan just fine… occassionally, I discover a color that refuses to scan true. This time, I know the color name… Van Dyck Brown.

If you want a sneak peep to see what I am doing over there, follow the pingback. It’s not ready for prime time. I will slowly throw more art up there, including things y’all have already seen.