Art Prep

I think I need a “just art” blog or website or something without all my ramblings, just post images with bare basic details.

That kind of sounds like how BeesATC started out, but it needs to be wider in scope, include all sizes and mediums, maybe even some crafty handmade things.


I need a URL to write on the “website” fill-in-the-blank line on entry forms. Perhaps checking out websites is now part of the selection process. I don’t want to send art show juriers or participant selectors here where art posts get buried under rambles.

Besides… now this is going to sound odd considering that this is a public blog: I don’t want to write down the URL to this blog on such forms because that would make me feel a bit exposed.

Eh, it is like dressing for the occassion. This blog is like kicked back casual, putter in the yard, a conversation on the porch in your bare feet.

It’s like prepping art. Art made on paper needs framed, or at least matted to show it off right.



I’ve started prepping smaller colored pencil drawings in standard size mat kits to sell locally as BYO FRAME art. I think it makes a nice “non-show” presentation, protects the art from fingerprints, and allows the buyer to choose their own frame.

People have odd ideas about frames, what is acceptable and not acceptable on their walls, like my daughter wants everything framed in black and my mother prefers natural wood. Some people are happy with a three buck molded plastic frame from Walmart, other may take it to a frame shop and lay down some serious cash.

Yes, it keeps my costs low as framing art can be quite costly. I laid down $24 for just the GLASS on “Chasing Yellow” as it needed to look professionally framed for a show. Costs can add up quick, even when you hit Hobby Lobby on a 50% off frame sale.

Thing is, I don’t have the money to tie up framing everything so it might be best to frame things that fit larger frames or require something special and let small art go as BYO FRAME art.

This photo was snapped on a work table down at the Metamorphosis Gallery. I was there hanging out during the “Art, Coffee, & Conversation” open studio hours on Saturday night. It’s a cool place.

4 thoughts on “Art Prep

  1. Hey Nancy – you can see I’m way, way behind in my comments. Framing is a pain and yet necessary for exhibiting – you just need to add on the price of the frame – if folks complain just say they can buy sans frame and do it themselves – most can’t be bothered. I’ve had similar probs – a relief to work on canvas where no frame is needed – glad you are exhibiting and selling. If you don’t want another site just add pages for ‘gallery’ – works for me anyway…

    • Just finding solutions… can’t afford to tie up serious cash framing everything. Frame shop wanted $200 to frame CY, doing the DIY thing cut cost ye half (and I’m anal enough to do it right, dust paper on back and everything). There is a thrift shop nearby that occasionally will have nice used frames, always good to re-use, recycle. Ah yes… one of the benefits of painting, wrapped edge canvas, no frame required.


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