Lists & Links

One of the widgets in the footer of this blog is a list to some of the blogs I follow. It is auto created. I type in how many… the widget decides which blogs are listed.

There are pros and cons with that widget. Without wifi, I do not have access to the wordpress reader with this cell phone, so it is nice to have links to click on. Unfortunately, some of my favorite blogs to read never make the widget’s list.

I am thinking of blowing it off in favor of creating my own lists, and hope to do so without stepping on anyone’s toes. Should I contact each blogger to ask permission first? (The widget surely didn’t.) I’m thinking just do it, then if a blogger objects to a link to their blog on my blog, easy click-click to remove it.

So, fair notice, that is on my “to do” list… no rush, lands somewhere BEFORE getting busy on that mosaic guitar that has been idle far too long and AFTER moving a bookcase, misc. tools, and the O42 back into the studio. (Am I the only one who hates Gerstner going International? Err. They used to mean something.) That’s on my today list, along with coloring outside and doing a couple loads of laundry.

I should write lists down instead of keeping them in my head, then maybe I won’t forget stupid things like dishsoap when out shopping.

I should do a lot of things, like starting my days earlier as I miss savoring a good cup of coffee on the porch before the world wakes up. School will be out soon, which means more kids in swimming pools. If my days started earlier, I could enjoy the waters before kiddie invasions. There are a zillion benefits of starting the days earlier. Of course, I would have to go to bed earlier and that could be a problem.

Maybe what I should do is spend more time doing and less time thinking, might actually get more things done. Well, guess I should get busy. That bookcase is not going to empty itself.