Tell Me

Tell me a story to weave into dreams,
Snuggled safe in soft moon beams,
Let me listen to your voice awhile.
Do you find my request too juvenile?
I’m not asking for a fairy tale,
Children’s books nor ghostly wail.
And this is not an erotic fantasty,
Tho your words shall comfort me
As we ride the crest before the wave
To sink alone into slumber haze.
Your voice could be the last I hear
Speaking words I hold so dear.

Shadows pass by in the night,
Regrets may steal dawn’s early light.
Please tell me a story, I beg of thee,
To ease the pain and stay with me,
So recite a poem or make up lies.
I feel you smile and close my eyes.
And should life offer another day,
My appreciation shall find a way,
To convay what words fail to share,
So you will know how much I care.
Thank you dear, my friend, sweet love,
May you be blessed by heaven above.

If could say these words out loud,
A story would put me on a cloud.
But silence holds me in her grasp,
As you are not here, I cannot ask.
Haunting dreams do rise and swirl,
Alone I sink into the whirl,
Trains to nowhere explain too much,
Yet I wake up longing for your touch
In my traveling boots trimmed in fur,
Too sad to be jealous of a someday her.
It makes no sense, I don’t know why,
Attempts at companionship go awry.

So tell me a story will you please,
To curl my toes and melt my knees.
Cloaks of solitude drop to the floor,
Those boots can wait outside your door.
Naked, so vulnerable, I come to you,
Make up lies or tell me true,
Pretend for a minute that all is well,
Hold me under an orator’s spell.
Rock me, love me, through the night,
Snuggle near and strike the light,
I want to bask in your candle’s glow,
To feel alive and kiss the snow.

N ©2013



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