Mask & Metamorphosis

I’ve done wore myself out, between appointments and Easter gatherings and coloring like an obcessed crazy woman, so yesterday was a total blow off, like trying to walk against hurricane winds where every step forward requires considerable effort and it is about all you can do to just hang on and stay in one spot.

I did manage to off a couch (still here, should be hauled out later this week) and I finally found my favorite pair of leather summer sandals, go figure, they were neatly tucked on a shoe shelf in that closet organizational system. I’ve been looking all over everywhere, even peeked to see if they were hiding behind the washing machine, never imagined that they would be exactly where they belong.

My sister told me that it is anti-social to rid my home of guest seating, but it shall be okay considering that five different people have wandered in here since yesterday and the only person who actually sat on that couch was the man who said, “yeah, I’ll take it.”

I just want to be able to fling open my windows next week when it warms up enough to do so without having to wiggle around or crawl over furniture.

Oh, sis just knows me too well, she knows about my tendency to disengage from human interaction. Call it a touch of hermititis as I am very content to reserve my home as a refuge from the world. Some people can’t stand to be alone, hate it with a passion. For me, solitude is like an old friend, an essiential aspect of life, and as natural as drawing breath. Alas, one does need to strike a balance, to gently swing with ease between solitude and companionship, without any constants or absolutes.

Moving to Struthers has forced me out of my comfort zone as I have not lived anywhere with so much human interaction between neighbors since the days of my early twenties. It’s kind of like Mayberry around here except everybody doesn’t always get along, bit of drama now and then, but overall, I think it is good for me to be here. I’ve been told this is “the armpit of Youngstown” by people who think I should move farther out in the ‘burbs, but I like it here.

Quite frankly, most of my exploration of the actual town of Struthers has been limited to the passing view while riding the WRTA since I live so close to the edge that all I have to do is walk halfway across the street to be back on the south side of Youngstown. Except for wandering up to the Re-Hab (ReStore) and a few other businesses on Yo-Poland Road, I hop the bus back into the city.

Still, my first impression of Struthers as an artsy community (due to the number of artists, musicians, and art students amongst neighbors) was reinforced last night when I stumbled across a call for entries on craigslist. There is an art gallery IN Struthers?

Okay, I’m not exactly sure if Metamorphosis Gallery is like a real art gallery or if it is just a few young ones hanging out some nights in a rented storefront and throwing a show together now and then as I haven’t been able to gleem much from their facebook page ( other than they have an open mike on Monday nights for poetry readings and some “open studio” art sessions with post-alternative music on Thursday or Saturday nights. I don’t know if that’s just for them, like some private club thing, or what. I could call and ask questions, but I think I’ll just wait and wander in on opening night to see the show.

I like the name of that gallery, maybe because I am in the midst of doing my own little metamorphosis. Perhaps moving to Struthers and becoming more “social” is a neccessary step of exiting my caccoon?

Don’t expect a social butterfly. I am more like a colorful gypsy moth or perhaps a lunar with a mystical flutter. Might just be one of those ugly things attracted to the heat of a porch light. I don’t know yet as I haven’t seen my wings, lol.

Oh… I entered “Mask” and “Chasing Yellow” into the 31st Annual YWCA Women Artists, a Celebration.

Since I gave you a sneak peek of Chasing Yellow, here is a sneak peek of Mask (some, but not all of the drawing). After they are accepted or rejected in mid-May, I will post full photos and tell you more about them, the thoughts and such that went into the entanglement otherwise known as representational abstracts.

Thanks for reading my blog! Hope Metamorphosis doesn’t mind the link to their facebook page… eh, they had it posted on craigslist. Just thinking if you are local, you might want to check it out, too.

Okay, here’s Mask.