Sneak Peek Inside

Okay, so I am tickled with my crown molding. It took me a bit to figure out how to cut the angles to make it all fit right. The light source in the photo is an LED flashlight stuck in the stairwell. I did not wire this for lighting because I want to use the new style of wireless lamps that run on watch batteries. Only one problem: I’ve yet to FIND then in half scale (1:24 ratio) and they don’t even make what I want in full scale. Oh well… might have to make that, too.

Thanks for peeking!


5 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Inside

  1. Full scale crown molding is hard enough to cut/hang (I avoided it as much as possible doing cabinetry work)…doing it on such a tiny scale? Wowzers! Impressive work!

  2. The actual hanging part isn’t too bad – just line it up and pop, pop with the nail gun but it’s cutting the angles (and the 500 trips up and down a ladder to check the fit) that did me in. I preferred shop work – leave me behind and let me sand, stain and build; someone else can go out and deal with getting the stuff hung up and in place! 🙂


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