Oops! Woodwork Photo


Staining Dollhouse Woodwork

This dollhouse project is #8 on my “13 for 2013” list. Because it is easier to finish it before assembly, I’ve been staining all of the woodwork. As you can see in the photo below, I’m going for a dark brown patina using Mahogany and Cocoa Brown water based leather stains, partly because I have leather stains here. The faux bricks on the chimney was sponge painted in gouche.

Now I’m stuck… can’t do anything else until I go buy paints for the walls and clapboard siding. I was going to go today but with windchills in the teens, my old bones want to wait for warmer weather.

I’m still debating about doing the crown molding. I’m thinking they should be painted to match the walls.

Oh well… thanks for reading!

img 20130314 091442

img 20130314 091442


Few changes around here… like the name of this blog should be the same word used in the URL address so calling it “Bee Out Loud” at https://barnbees.wordpress.com is kind of messed up. Now they sync as “barnbees” and I put the “bee out loud” in a new header, which is a photoshop resize of an original art.

I also blew off yesterday’s post as it was too whiny weird bitching about not having much left to wear after clearing all the baggy fat clothes out of my closet, along with the disappointment about the way clothes saved to wear again someday don’t fit right because I am not the same shape proportions coming down as I was on the way up. Here I am all depressed and gloomy about fancy bras and stupid stuff, crying because I only have one pair of jeans leftover from 2004 when there are people in this world literally dressed in rags. Sometimes, you just got to get busy and snap yourself out of a funky mood, look at things from a different angle.

The home page now shows three posts instead of one. That change is idk, maybe best to show one? Should it be more than three? What do you think? What can I do to make this blog better or easier to read?

Thanks for reading!