Bleepin NEXT

“I have already experienced life’s unexpected events. The only thing left for me is death.”

Yes, that is exactly what I told the woman who was trying to talk me into buying one of those insurance policies designed to cover the balance of your credit card should you experience “one of life’s unexpected events” as she so sweetly put it, in her soft southern drawl. Ye gads! I use this card for convenience, not to rack up debt. I’m sure my estate could cover whatever purchase, if any, was made in the month prior to my demise.

Still, that “life’s unexpected events” makes me laugh. Poe’s got a song with lyrics that go, “tomorrow’s coming around a hairpin curve in the road, she’s got a run in her stocking and missing the heel of her shoe” and that’s pretty much it. Life can spin on a bleepin dime and there is no telling what comes next. It could be your worst nightmare or fabulous beyond your wildest imagination, and then spin again. That’s life and all you can really do is just roll with what comes… this is what is to be experienced next.

That’s how I see life now. It is a series of experiences, sometimes to get schooled, sometimes to enjoy, sometimes whatever. The only thing I know for sure is that everytime I thought I had it all figured out and thought the course of my life was set, life spun on a dime and everything changed. Yes, I have already experienced a few of life’s unexpected events and guess what, I’m still here breathing on this planet and looking forward to whatever comes next as sure as sunrise, there will be a next.

I suppose it is a choice. Tomorrow is coming. One can dread the unknown, or greet each new morning with renewed anticipation. No one really knows what comes next.

Thanks for reading!