Gouche Ground Prep for Art Therapy


One thought on “Gouche Ground Prep for Art Therapy

  1. The post with words got lost in a cyber burp so I sent a new post with just the photo. (Click “NEXT” to see completed work.) So what are those mosaic trivits doing there? The painting was dry to the touch but also felt cold, which told me that moisture was lingering inside the 100% cotton paper, which at this stage, was not exactly flat. Like oh… it’s going to curl and we can’t have that, oh no… lol. So I glanced around the kitchen looking for something to weight it down and could have used a big ol’ book but these handy dandy trivits made last summer were just hanging out so why not use them? So after snapping this photo, the painting was slipped between sheets of sketch paper and weighted down by trivits. The trivits are in the photos simply because I like to show & tell stuff I made. Ok… that’s the explaination… thanks for reading!


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