Shopping Shrinks & Bowls

I wanted to take some time to absorb things, so I hopped a bus to Boardman after I left the shrink’s office yesterday. So much for a mad shopping spree. I spent a whole $1.07 at the card shop in the mall and only $6 and change down at “Pipe Dreamz” on Market Street.

So, how did the shrink appointment go?

We talked. I think we reached a greater understanding or at least now we can talk to clarify what is said with what is heard, if that makes sense. Like, I told him that he pissed me off and he hears that I was angry so I must have projected anger felt towards someone else on him as that happens sometimes… but no, it was not misdirected. Talking about what exactly pissed me off lead to talking about other things and I feel much better about our ability to communicate more effectively now.

Oh, want to see what I got up at the Re-Hab store?

That brown wok shaped bowl resting on a chafing dish base will become a little bird bath for a flower bed, with a bit of clear caulk and a purple birdie. The ceramic cat will go outside, too. I also got candle glass, picture frames, and a few other things, but didn’t find what I went there looking for (small baking dishes) so maybe better luck next time.

As for the yellow bowl? It is old with crazed glaze, inside and out, and feels way too heavy for a bowl of that size. I don’t know why I bought it as I don’t think it is suitable for food use, not sure what I am going to do with it. I feel like there is something special about this bowl, so if you know anything about old bowls, please share. This one was made by the “GEM CLAY FORMING CO” in Sebring, Ohio.

Thanks for reading today!


5 thoughts on “Shopping Shrinks & Bowls

  1. Hard to tell if it has any colored bands around it. Could be a piece of yellow ware. I have a larger one that was my grandmothers. You got some nice finds.

  2. I was curious about the Gem Clay Co and did a quick search. Interesting history to the company. Not sure if the bowl is worth anything but apparently their ceramic ware was designed to withstand high heat…if you spray it lightly with PAM, you could use it as a neat candle dish, maybe? Great finds all around…love the birdbath idea!

    • Oh, Gem has an interesting history. I’ve been doing some looking, too. Still haven’t found out anything about their bowls. Sebring is pretty close to here and my dad wondered if they used the same clay for bowls as they did for fire bricks as that may account for the heavier weight, idk. Right now, its on my table with an iron tripod candleholder inside, glass cone in the tripod holds tealight size, kind of cool & unusual. Thanks for commenting!


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