Wanna Get Married?

It was on the news last night. Any couple with $50 and a valid marriage license can walk in and get married on Valentine’s Day at the “Little Chapel of the Friendly Bells” in downtown Youngstown, first come, first serve, between this and that hours, yadda yadda, something about getting marriage license by Friday because our county has a five day waiting period. That tidbit amused me as sterilization requires a thirty day waiting period and buying a gun only requires three.

I kind of quit paying attention to what the newscaster was saying because something in the video footage of this little “non-denominational” Gothic-style chapel attached and actually part of a Methodist church captured my attention. I had to google to find out if the “open daily” sign over the door was true.

This greatly interests me because I am not Catholic.

I have toyed with the idea of converting as Catholic churches offer mass on weekdays and will let you come in and sit for a spell, spend a few moments in quiet prayer or meditation and not bug the hell out of you about it. The only reason I haven’t converted is the fact that I have a problem with organized religions trying to control people with a ton of “gray area” fuddy duddy rules and I honestly do not see how the Catholic church would be different in that area as any other. In fact, they may be more so.

I don’t have a problem with God. I just prefer to avoid church people because I grew up in church parsonages. I quit attending on a regular basis when I moved out on my own. Since then, on the rare occasions that I have attended a church service, I preferred to time my arrival and departure to get in and out without speaking to anyone.

I don’t go to church to socialize and the WRTA does not run on Sundays so yes, the idea of a non-denominational prayer chapel open on weekdays in downtown Youngstown is something that interests me.

So, do you want to get married on Valentine’s Day? Don’t think too long… TODAY is the last day to get a marriage license with that five day waiting period thing in this county. Best of luck to ya!