Wicking Recycled Candles

Well, that burped, lol. I sent the post by email via cell phone and the photo arrived but nothing else. OH GEEZ…. okay, what did I write?

Oh yes… fat candles. Recycling excess wax. You know that wall of wax left standing as fat pillars burn down in the middle? I’ve been cutting it off and chunking it up, then melting in down on a candle warmer that I got for Christmas, then making new candles out of the melted wax. Only one problem: got to have a wick! I’ve been using stubs of thin taper candles like the one used in this candle, just stuck it in before the wax poured in cooled, but alas! Picked up wicks like the wick laid across the top when I was down at the hobby shop so I shall never waste wax again.

The original post was much better. But, blog burp… figured best edit & say something. Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Wicking Recycled Candles

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