Mosaic Guitar #1: prep stage

Well, the earth did not shatter… and this guitar (photo below) needs some help. The wood on the front of the body is damaged beyond repair. It was layered like plywood and the top layer, the veneer, was peeled off. This left the front of the guitar too thin, too weak, and too flexible for even my use as a mosaic base.

I started strengthening that surface awhile back, brushing on thin layers of a clear polymer gesso hoping it would soak in and bond with the wood fibers, and then covered it with woven 100% cotton fabric saturated with the same gesso, and then applied more gesso on top.

Yes, the fabric was a pale yellow ochre quilting fabric with a faint white paisley print. I went over the edges and it sealed very well. The polymer in gesso gives it plastic properties, so it now has the strength it needs, but it is still a little too flexible. I will have to do some work on the inside, make that surface as rigid as possible before I can begin the mosaic process.

Call it art therapy, call it play… there is something about laying mosaics that is very peaceful and calming. It is soothing to the soul. If you don’t mind, I’d like to blog the process. It won’t be everyday… mosaics take time so it will just be an update now and then. Look for “mosaic guitar” in the titles if you want to follow along.

Thanks for reading my blog! ~ N.

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