Paper Boat

Sailing in a paper boat
Trying hard to stay afloat.
Bailing through the pouring rain,
Tis life, not me, I call insane.
Dealt a matchstick for a mask,
Hang on girl, it’s sinking fast!

Spinning in a whirlpool now,
Keep on bailing out the bow.
Sinking, tired, so washed away,
Dying in the light of day.
How long for the darkness falls?
Drowning in a paper hull?

Now tossed up on the rugged sands,
By life preserves in milligrams.
No, I did not say, “I want to die.”
But it would be nice if I could cry
A tear for you, a tear for me,
A tear for all with this “disease.”

~ N. 2000

Yes, a thirteen year old poem that I wrote during a battle with depression. I was half tempted to make corrections (replace “for” with “before” etc.) but, it does not matter… it can stand as is.

And now, I’m curious. Do they still sell silver ink?

This blank book was abandoned after logging 3 days on a page called “Sleep Record” and writing two poems. It could be fun to use again… maybe for more poems and sketches, if I can find some silver ink.

BTW, it feels damn good to NOT be depressed. If you are dealing with that shit, hang in there… it’s like a bad storm, can’t last forever, clouds gotta break sooner or later. Been there, done that a few times and… wait a minute, I never got the T-shirt. WTH? .